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Hey! Are you making plans for International Day of Femslash 2011? You should be! Would love to see some of my old, and new friends representing the fandoms we all love.

I need to spend some time deciding on my submission for IDF 2011. I really want to do a Myka/HG vid (WH:13). Just need to find that perfect song. Possibly a Rizzoli & Isles, cause they make subtext maintext without even trying. And then there is the "say goodbye to SVU" vid to close out the Alex and Olivia pairing. So many choices, so little time... Thoughts? Suggestions? Retire already's?

Been a crazy week at Casa Cabenson. Lots of traveling all over Ohio. But all is good and everyone is well for the most part. I have come to the realization that having 3 sets of parents may equal 3 times the love, but also 3 times the stress and worry when one of them becomes ill. Daddy #1 had an emergency heart cath in NW Ohio (had a 4X bypass 2 years ago)but it appreas that the pain is from a possible pinched nerve in his back/neck. I had the same thing happen a few months ago-felt like a sledgehammer hitting you in the back then migrating to the arm and chest area. Good news is his heart is in great shape.

Yesterday, I met my mom halfway (120 mi roundtrip) to get a cheeseburger from my hometown. They are that good! Okay, that was a bonus. I actually offered to buy her a garden hose that her local Lowe's was out of. I just wanted to see her-she had her first "old lady" fall in the tub and she's only 64! She was okay, of course, and went out and bought those slipguard things, but still! I drove 120 miles IN THE RAIN just to make sure she was okay. Lots of miles on Helen Stewart this week.

These old people are testing my need to be stress free, which leads to....

I have a small announcement:

I am giving up bacon and all of its wonderfulness! After a simple thyroid check turned into the office visit of doom, I need to make some significant lifestyle changes. A follow up test this Friday may lead to even MOAR changes. Getting old sucks!

So my goal for this week is to rid the house of all offending foods, save what the wife loves. This includes my 2 bottles of prosecco. I will start on that as soon as I post this :)
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