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First off, hoping that all those in the path of Hurrpocolypse (or Hurrmageddon) Irene are safe and sound, and well-prepared. Booze, candy and flashlights to read by are MUST HAVES!!!!

We are enjoying a beautiful day here in Columbus. Had a nice brunch, finally got the Windows 7 upgrade for my PC (Fuck you later, Vista!) and got groceries all before 1:00pm. Been watching Dr. Who-a-thon and Weather Channel this afternoon. It is like weather Pr0n, people!!!

I also put the first of our "eat meals at home" dinners in the oven. A beautiful meatloaf which I will be serving with spinach and fresh tomato slices. It's been easier for me to avoid temptatation if I make meals at home, and I am really working hard to stay on the right track.

Six weeks ago I was officially diagnosed as Insulin Resistant and Pre-Diabetic. Add in my high blood pressure and I have what they call Metabolic Disorder. I take meds for my BP and also, a medicine for my glucose. I basically have to act as if I am Type 2 Diabetic (food-wise)except that at this point, I don't need to check my glucose. I have given up alcohol except for a random beer, "white" foods (rice,flour,taters) and have added more protein and fresh veggies. So far, with barely any exercise, I have lost almost 10 lbs. I can go back to the gym after Labor Day. My goal is to lose 70 lbs total by next summer. For the first time in years, I think I can do it.

Damn that meatloaf smells wonderful. Tomorrow is Chicken Parm (not breaded tho) with whole grain pasta and sauce.Regular, and Pasta plus still make me fall asleep after eating so I am hoping this will work better and not taste like ass. Also plan to have good old Ham and beans this week with Chili on Saturday as NCAA Football starts!!!

Last note, is someone on my flist pregnant? Cause I am craving pickles like crazy!
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