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I don’t think I can remember the last time I actually posted something related to fandom. My last big fling was with Guiding Light and after that ended I just didn’t care anymore. I did a few vids, but couldn’t get into reading any pairings, let alone writing. But a summer sci fi show and the return of an old favorite have triggered those obsessive feelings again, and I think I may just be hooked.

I’m gonna start with the show that got me into fandom and onto LJ: Law and Order:SVU.

Everything about this season seems new. New show runner, new writers, new cast. The production and sets are new. And a new return of my old favorite, ALEX CABOT! (And Casey Novak too). I am actually enjoying watching the show again. Stabler is gone, Cragen acts like he is in charge of the squad again, and the new characters are non-grating at this point.

Then there is Olivia. And her long, flowing mane of blatant femininity that doesn’t quite mesh with her butchy swagger. Sure, she wears it back in a ponytail sometimes, but seriously. Get a freaking hair cut! Olivia is struggling with Stabler’s sudden retirement and OMG why won’t he call her back? She’s left eleventy billion messages! And Cragen calling her out? So needed to see this. About six years ago. I suppose there is a chance that Olivia will snap out of her TIP! Funk and get back to being her badass detective self, but I’m not holding my breath. And I don’t need to cause….

Alex Cabot is back, bitches!!! And Alex is back to seasons 2-5 Alex. Smart, snarky, finely dressed and she has words, people. WORDS!!! None of this half a sentence crap we saw during Stephanie March’s last run. I am so happy to have Mrs. CB2 back on my screen again. I want to write drabbles (remember all the fun we had?), I want to vid, I want to marry her all over again.

And Diane Neal (who I think is AWESOME!) is back as Casey Novak (who I am not thinking is awesome). Double-edged sword there.

So yeah, I am watching again. If the remainder of the season fails to live up to the first couple eps, I may sign out, but for now, yeah, you might want to check it out.

Now, about Warehouse 13…

I love this show. I have loved it from the first ep and I actually enjoy ALL of the regular characters and the story arcs. This is a rarity in my TV watching world. When they introduced Helena (H.G.) Wells, I started seeing the femslash potential between her and series regular Myka. Not enough to get involved in the fandom, but enough to keep me watching…and hoping. During season 2, the hoyay truly blossomed and even Mrs. CB was prone to shouting, “Kiss her!” while watching the episodes. Then H.G. went bad and was put in a Magic 8 Ball and I figured it was all over. I was wrong!

Monday night was the season finale and it blew me away. Bringing H.G. back into the plot, hell having her actually BE the plot, was just incredible. I love her interactions with all the characters, but the way she and Myka couldn’t have a simple conversation without looking like they wanted to jump each other was the icing on my WH13 cake. Without spoiling too much, the final scenes reminded me so much of the Alex/Olivia scenes in “Loss”. I am now actively searching for fic and preparing to create my first HG/Myka vid. Ship Manifesto anyone? Consider yourselves warned.
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