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I have been on a cooking kick lately. Especially with root veggies like carrots, turnips, taters and beets. Those last two I should not be eating but OMG! have you had them roasted? Delicious! Went so well with the rump roast I slow cooked for most of the day. Glad I had to get up for work and started that sucker early, cause it fell the fuck apart, it was that tender.

And since I worked this weekend, I get a 4-day next weekend (Thurs-Sun). Taking Mrs CB to have oral surgery on Thurs (nasty!) and I have a fat girl diabetic check up on Friday. Doing fairly well with that. Down 15 pounds in 3 months with ,uhm, no exercise to speak of other than working the remote. Now that the weather is cooler, I can start walking again in the evenings. Hahahahaha. I'll walk to the bathroom or kitchen and call myself a long-distance runner. Breathing is hard, yo!

So, this weekend, I am gonna catch up on some LJ reading. I have yet to tackle the SCC Virtual Season or the Otalia VS, so I am putting those on the list. Anything else I should read? Any good WH13 fics? Alex/Olivia? Preferably where Alex tells Olivia to get the Stabler-sized burr out of her ass? Any CM JJ/Prentiss post WIP fics. I need one with Cheetobreath scrabble people! I also have a serious case of the Scully's today. Make it happen! Haha, love that movie.

Besides reading I need to work on a couple vids. Myka/HG and Alex/Olivia are up first. Then if I can get the media, I want to do another JJ/Prentiss one. I cannot promise to NOT do a Prentiss/Staruss one...

Finally, props to my Buckeyes for getting their heads out of their asses and playing a simple game plan against Illinois. Remember that in 5-6 weeks when we play the team that shall not be named (but rhymes with bitchigan.)
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