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What a crazy month it has been since i last posted. On Oct 20th, Mrs CB had a gum graft done-very painful, and gross, procedure. The next day, we rushed our oldest, Greyson to the emergency vet due to breathing issues. That was an interesting trip. Mrs CB had JUST taken a vicodin and was a bit loopy, I had taken my blood sugar meds but stopped my lunch as soon as I noticed what was happening to the cat, and well, the stress....ugh!

We had noticed that our Fat Bastard had lost a significant amount of weight over the past year, and we attributed it to the diet food we put them on in January. When we got him to the kitty ER, his lungs were filled with fluid. He had undiagnosed hyperthyroidism that was the cause for the weight loss and those three words we hate to hear: congestive heart failure. They tapped his lungs and removed a ton of fluid, kept him on O2 overnight and he was good enough to go home the next day.

For the past month we have been monitoring his breathing and treating the CHF with great success. His latest films show no fluid in lungs, but still some remnant in the surrounding pleura. As we were preparing to start him on his thyroid meds, we discovered that he has Primary Renal Disease. This is not good. We are now using a cautious, conservative approach to treating all three conditions. Thankfully, the anti-nausea and appetite stimulants have kicked in and he is eating and drinking like a fiend.We are hoping this, and the thyroid meds will help him gain some weight. He was previously 19.5 lbs and is now 11.4. Most of that weight loss has occurred since July.

He is resting quietly today after spending yesterday at the animal hospital for tests. We know that we have a long road ahead, with many appointments, and many days struggling to give him his meds. I just hope we can have him for a little longer before we have to say goodbye.
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