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Wow have I been neglecting this place. I need to do better, and I promise you dear flist, I will try. And by "try" I mean I will probably fail...

But before you all forget me, I must tell you all that I am in love! And yes, Mrs CB is completely, eye-rollingly, aware. Cause my new love? Mayor Regina Mills from ABC's "Once Upon A Time." She has effectively replaced Alex Cabot as Mrs. CB 2 so you know this shit is for realz! Evil, manipulative,incredibly flawed, but still vulnerable and sympathetic. And HAWT!!!! I so love this show! I haven't been actively interested in a fandom since the days of Otalia.

Of course, I am once again dealing with a spinal issue. And when CB's back breaks down, a new fandom interest is never far behind. So while I toil away in PT trying to fire muscles that have been dormant for 7 years, I think about the lovely, evil, Mayor Regina Mills. Think about stories I want to watch and songs I want to vid. Think about spending hours on Tumblr trolling for pics and fic.

And when I get the random bachelor weekend, I re-watch the episodes looking for anything that I might have missed on the first five viewings. Did I mention that I love this show? The entire ensemble is wonderful and I love the little twists we see to the fairy tales we grew up with. Not a huge fan of Jennifer Morrison in this role-she started out bad-ass but then went wimpy. Bad-ass returned the last few eps, but...let's just hope that she (both the actress and the character) grow stronger next season, cause the fireworks when Emma and Regina are together? SMOKING!!! Reminds me of early Helen/Nikki.

So tell me your thoughts on this show/characters/pairings/hopes for season 2. I would love to discuss this with a more intelligent audience, and yes dear flist, I am accusing you of being intelligent :)
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