May. 21st, 2011

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I figured that while I was waiting for Teh Rapchurz!!!! I could post about the happenings at Chez CB.

First, how many of you saw Olivia Benson grope a dying nun this week? Not the best pic, but see for yourself:

I know Olivia is desperate for some action, but seriously?

Okay, in other news: I have a large ganglion cyst on my left wrist. In the past few weeks, it has started to hurt, so yesterday, I tried to smack it with a book. Failed to break it, but I do think I broke my record for most expletives shouted in one breath. Today, I asked Mrs. CB to try smacking me and she did...and I laughed, cause it SO wasn't painful. She barely tapped it. She's afraid she'd hurt me. I guess I'll wait til my next visit with the doc to get it drained.

The "renting for a month before foreclosure" neighbor across the street is having a crap sale today. Really hate crap sales cause people don't respect the other folks living there. Just park in front of my drive, bitch. It ain't no thing. Then there are the dogs. They have a Great Dane sized dog as well another one small enough that it could be the big dog's turd. Seriously, it's tiny. I call them "The Dane and the Deuce." I do wonder if they are selling the swing that their clothes are hanging on...

Okay, how about some Pic Spam of Kittays and Fud Pr0n )

I had a great time back home last weekend. Got to spend time with my Mom and Daddy #2, and reconnected with my old BFF from post-highschool days. We have been out of touch for almost 15 years and it was a welcome, and much needed, reunion.

I was hoping the crap sale would have folded by the time I finished this, but alas, like Ceine Dion's heart, it goes on...

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