Jul. 18th, 2011

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First off, congrats to the IDF/Femslash Con team for a wonderful weekend. I didn't get to participate as much as I had hoped, but what I saw was fabulous. And a special thanks to those who attended my panel on vidding. I was sure no one would attend.

Been a rough day at the workplace. I have a coworker who has twin boys, 16 yrs old. The were born with Allagile Syndrome (one needed a liver transplant, the other cardio/pulmonary issues)and were not expected to make it to their tenth birthdays. Last night, after a valiant fight, Chris (cardio/pulmonary issues) passed away after a week in the hospital for a pulmonary bleed.

I was stunned when I heard. This kid has been through so many procedures in the 3 years I have known his mom, that I just assumed he would champion though and make a complete recovery...until the next crisis. When I heard that he had been hiding the severity of this recent illness from his parents, to spare them, I realized he has been ready to go for some time.

So if you have a spare prayer or thought hanging around, throw it towards the Caldwell Family. They have been through so much, and Chris leaves behind a fragile twin as well as two healthy brothers. They are gonna miss him terribly.

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