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What a beautiful day! The sun is shining for the first time in a week, I don't have to work, and it's Cinco de Mayo which means margaritas for breakfast! Life is good!I want to thank Asher for letting me sleep past 5:30 this morning. If only the pone hadn't rung at 8:07...

Just finished a five-day run at work. I wish I could invent some "Stupid-B-Gone" Spray and some "Un-Lazy-My-Ass" Lotion for some of my co-workers. And that is all I am gonna say cause I am trying to stay in a good mood.

Cake Week has been lovely. I worked on my birthday, but we are celebrating this weekend. My BFF has directed a play at tOSU theater department, so it looks as tho we will be seeing Sarah Ruhl's "Euryidice" this weekend. A nice meal out although I can't decide on a good steak or good Mexican. I am craving tacos al carbon like Lilo craves coke!

Bummed to hear that our neighbor across the street is leaving this weekend. She has had her house on the market for 18 months with no bids and is filing Chapter 11 to avoid foreclosure. She is a foster mom and said that the county is reworking the criteriea for puling kids from their homes, so she doesn't have as many kids as before. She was really good with them too! Mrs CB used to make brownies for them at the holidays. Hope we don't get another Burning Bush in there.

Our other "problem" neighbors moved out last month and apparently they took all the appliances, ac unit, and copper with them. The guy that owns the place actually apologized to us for how awful they were. I just hated that the kids made me become that cranky lady next door yelling, "Get you ass back in your own yard!" He also took down the fence that divided our yards-it had been hit hard durring Hurricane Ike 2.5 yrs ago and was in need of replacing. If he doesn't replace it, I think we will put something up on our side.He has talked to three neighbors here and all three have told him to choose better renters next time. Gonna be a while till he can get the insurance money to replace what was taken. We live in a ghetto area of the city, but our little neighborhood is actually quite nice. And if we don't like you, we will run your ass out, lol.

Fandom news- Loving "The Good Wife"! Gonna start "The Killing" this weekend. But first, I am finishing up the winning bid for help_japan with this updated vidding program. It has stop-motion animation on it now!!! I shall become the new Rankin/Bass!!!! BTW, they have "Mad,Monster Party" on Netflix now....yay!

Okay peeps, peace out.
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