Jun. 25th, 2011

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First, watch Mr. Bruin Thomas try to walk while stoned from his vet trip yesterday:

Poor little Satan. He is much better this morning.

Second, Daddy #1's heart scare of 10 days ago turned out to be a severe case of shingles. If you have never experienced nerve pain, consider yourself lucky. It can truly be so intense you break out into a sweat. I am hoping he recovers soon.

And finally, it really sucks to get old!

Two weeks ago I went to the doctor to get my thyroid levels drawn. Since I hadn't eaten, she decided to do all the fasting stuff too. Did you know that when a woman becomes pre-menopausal, their cholesterol level can increase GREATLY? I'm talking 45 units in 2 years!!! For the first time in my life, I have high cholesterol. And it's all the BAD cholesterol. Crazy thing is, I have been eating better the last two years.

And if my elevated blood pressure and cholesterol weren't enough,there's that tricky little increase in my blood sugar as well. Enough to be classified "pre-diabetic". Yesterday I had the additional testing done (2 hr pp gluc and insulin)to determine if it is diabetes 2 or metabolic syndrome. Add in continued Vitamin D deficiency and a significant iron store depletion and you have my current physical state. At least we caught the iron thing before I went anemic again.

What does this mean for me other than adding iron and Vit D supplements to my diet? Well, I am starting the Glycemic Index diet and hope to avoid any additonal medications. All of these things have contributed to my general malaise (and I'm pretty sure they cause all my typos) over the past few years, which has been the main reason I have been less active in fandom. Hopefully that will change, along with my waistline.

So wish me luck, flist, and keep your fatty, sweet carbs to yourself, lol.

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